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A professional musician since the age of eight, you can certainly say that Frank Toscano has made music his entire life.

Born & raised in New York, Frank came from an Italian family who valued the idea of music being played in the house constantly. Without a choice from his father, Frank took lessons on the Accordion under the direction of Emilio Chiesa & never dreamed that it would became the passion of his life! “Emilio provided me with a solid classical foundation, for which I am forever grateful. I was very fortunate to have such a great teacher who he himself is also a Virtuoso Accordionist.” As Frank continued through the years practicing, he mastered the instrument and it was only natural for him to become a professional musician. He wanted more though...more music... and so he learned, studied jazz and mastered the art of playing the Piano (taught himself) and at the age of twenty-one opened the Frank Toscano Music School. Now some 46 years later the school continues to flourish with young and not so young talent. Still teaching everyday, his undying passion for music and performing never seems to subside.

He has performed live with & for many artists including Michail Baryshnikov and Aidan Quinn and can also be heard on many recordings of other artists... too numerous to mention. Frank performed for Steve Schirripa and the entire Soprano’s Cast to help launch an up & coming new T.V. show, He has also had the pleasure of performing with Joe Piscoppo and Vocalist Debra Toscano. Frank has performed many steady engagements at many prominent clubs in the Tri-State area such as the Playboy Club, North Hempstead Country Club, Rockland Country Club and many more. Currently you can hear Frank perform solo at the Magnanini Winery & also in concert with the newly formed “Amazing Accordion Kings”.

Among his accomplishments Frank has just finished arranging, conducting & performing on two great CD’s. “Accordion To Frank”, a solo CD which embraces the flavor of Traditional styled music laced with a hint of Modern Jazz paying homage to his Accordion heritage. The second CD entitled “The Amazing Accordion Kings” was performed with two other great Accordionists, Angelo DiPippo and Manny Corallo. This latest CD was arranged, conducted, produced & performed by these three phenomenal artists and contains a compilation of Opera to Jazz. Frank Toscano, a true musician, a true professional...and most certainly a true artist!